Bigby birding

Taking inspiration from Roger’s blog, I’ve decided to sign up for the Bigby Birding project. It’s a friendly competition to see who can get the biggest and greenest birding list based on birds on seen on foot, self-propelled (cycling and kayaking), or public transport. I’ve signed up for the public transport one, and I’ve worked out I’m up to 54 species already.

To be honest, this isn’t a great challenge for me, as I don’t drive, and most of my birding’s by public transport, unless I manage to cadge a lift. It’ll be interesting to see if I keep the Bigby numbers up later in the year, when I’ll have hopefully passed my driving test. I will try my best.

It’d be a great idea to do a bird race sometime in the Spring, using Bigby rules. Would anyone be up for it?

My Bigby list is at the bottom of my Birding List page above.


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