First badger of the year

Readers of my old version of this blog will remember I got very excited last summer by a visiting badger to my garden. I caught a glimpse of it one night as I was turning off the downstairs lights, and we had great views of it almost every night for a good few weeks. We left it some peanuts semi-regularly, and with these we could lure it into the most visible spots in the garden. We even got it to snuffle at the ledge on the windows. With its typically bad badger eyesight, we could stand inches away from it, as long as we were relatively still and behind glass. It was usually in the garden at around 9pm, meaning we didn’t even have to stay up late to see it.

We saw the badger in the garden for the last time in mid-September. I think it was attracted to our garden initially by the windfall plums from our plum tree, and lost interest after these had all gone. I did catch a glimpse of a badger on our street just before Christmas. I was sat outside talking to my instructor after a driving lesson, and it ran across the road and up the drive of a neighbour’s house.

Tonight I had another driving lesson, and whilst driving caught sight of a badger stood behind a parked car on a road near Wadsley/Hillsborough, sniffing the air and looking like it was waiting for traffic to stop so it could get across the road. It’s good to know they’re still out there, and strange to think of them living in such a built up area.


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One thought on “First badger of the year”

  1. Badgers are widespread in Sheffield, even though they are rarely seen.

    A friend of mine, who lives near Firth Park, discovered a badger sett at the bottom of his garden.

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