Happy new year

It’s finally 2008. I don’t really believe in resolutions, but if I had to make any, it would be to make more time to spend out and about watching wildlife, and make sure I actually put (metaphorical) pen to paper and blog about it.

 Today I went for a New Year’s Day walk up the Loxley Valley, and got the 2008 birding yearlist off the ground. It’s always a fun time of year, as you have to make sure you see all the common species, and you realise there’s so many birds you take for granted. I clocked up a good start, including a couple of female goldeneye and a flock of around 40 fieldfare.

A quick word about the blog itself – I’ve moved it to WordPress from Blogger. WordPress has got its faults, but the layouts look a lot better, are more flexible, and I’m not totally convinced by Blogger’s abilities to handle spam. The birding list is now a separate page you can get to on the menu above, along with my garden list. I’ve also got a “Wildlife Places” page, which eventually I’ll add maps and details of good places to look for wildlife.


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