More badgers…

One last one before I go away…

The badger has been visiting the garden a few times a night since we first saw it. I’ve been leaving a trail of peanuts out on a few nights, and it follows the scent of them with remarkable accuracy. Tonight it came so close to the French windows that it was sniffing the glass at one point, and we watched its antics for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, mere inches away from where we were stood behind the double glazing. I’m going to have to lay off the peanuts a bit – I don’t want it to become over-reliant on our treats, just to provide us with entertainment, however tempting it is.

Also, it’s quite powerful as it snuffles for nuts, knocking over plant pots, digging up the grass, and pushing the rockery around. I don’t mind this one bit, as its worth it to get so close to one of Britain’s most charismatic animals, but I don’t want to create a peanut-fed, badger menace that’ll terrorise the neighbourhood!


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