Birding Meme part 1

I’ve been tagged by Roger at Words and Pictures for the birding meme. I’m going to steal his format of answering each of the seven questions in separate posts, as there’s one or two questions I’ll probably wax very lyrical about. So on with the first…

Question 1: What is the coolest bird you have seen from your home?
I can’t really tell of real occasions when I saw something amazingly “cool” from the house, such as an overhead osprey or a vagrant Baltimore oriole on the birdfeeders or anything like that, but I always like it when something unexpected shows up.

When I was a child, we’d occasionally get visitors turning up in the garden that excited my young mind, but I’ll save these for one of the following questions.

The house I’m in at the moment is brilliant. From the house and gardens I’ve seen jays, long-tailed tits, grey herons, sparrowhawks, bullfinches, blackcaps, kestrels and great spotted woodpeckers, and been woken by the sounds of tawny owls. Nothing rare, or too unexpected, but seeing birds like this from your bedroom or kitchen window is always fantastic.


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