Badger update

Another quick visit from the badger last night. I’m feeling a bit bad, as I cleared up a lot of plums off the garden at the weekend, meaning I’ve got rid of a lot of potential food for our visitor!

Just as I wrote about how birds of prey are being slaughtered in our area, seemingly by some individuals with game interests, a report by the South Yorkshire Badger Group shows badgers aren’t faring much better. Illegal poisoning and trapping are rife nearby, in the Bradfield, Broomhead and Langsett areas, in proximity to grouse shooting estates and a pheasant rearing area. If this is more than a coincidence then it’s very sad indeed, as badgers only have a minimal effect on ground nesting birds.

Combined with the grubby, sadistic and highly illegal “sport” of badger baiting, and repeated government plans to cull the population based on quite spurious claims of them spreading bovine TB, the badger is probably one of Britain’s most persecuted mammals. Which is very sad indeed, as they’re brilliant animals much-loved by the general public, which do little or no harm to humans.

Check out the South Yorkshire Badger Group Website for more details, but be warned you may want to turn your speakers down before you do so, unless you particularly like terrible midi renditions of ‘Born Free’…


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One thought on “Badger update”

  1. A couple of years ago I met a woman who fed badgers (and foxes) in her garden at Frecheville. She used to buy cheap sausages from the Castle Market and cook them for her visitors every night.By the way, you have been tagged.

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