Ranty Pete vs Primark

After failing miserably to garner a response from Subway for forcing plastic bags on people, I’ve just fired a missive off to Primark.

My girlfriend went into your Sheffield store yesterday and bought a top. Already having a bag, she told the till operator she did not need a plastic carrier, only to be told she had to have one and wouldn’t be allowed to leave the store without one. Her top was placed in a very large bag which was way too big for the product.

At a time when major supermarkets are quite rightly pushing for people to abandon carrier bags in favour of reusable bags, I find it alarming that your company insists customers take one. While I appreciate security is paramount to any retailer, I do not believe that this should outweigh environmental inpact, and supplying customers with an outsize bag that undesirables could then stuff with as much produce as they like doesn’t seem to me like much of a solution. Reminding customers to keep their till receipts handy until they left the store would be just as effective.

It is estimated that one million plastic carrier bags per second are used worldwide. As well as wasting natural resources, the vast majority of these are not biodegradable, and many end up in the sea where they kill marine wildlife. Forcing customers to have one even when they have no need shows an out of touch company, at odds with current consensus on environmental matters.


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One thought on “Ranty Pete vs Primark”

  1. M&S used to have a “compulsory carrier bag” policy but now they actively encourage people to use their own.Waitrose claims that buying one of their bags-for -life will “save the planet”. I think that statement may be a little over the top. Can a customer sue them if the bag fails to protect Earth from being hit by an asteroid?

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