More rain

My heart sank yesterday when I saw the news that more rain is on they way for the weekend. It looks like it won’t be at its worst round our way, but enough to dampen things down after a promising week (why does the best weather happen when you’re in the office?). At least the new Harry Potter’s out to distract me from the gloom…

Still no sign of the woodpecker since the floods, which is a great shame. The feeders are now being frequented by long-tailed tits, though, that turn up in flocks and bubble and trill while fluttering around the trees. We also have a new visitor, a magpie with no tail.

Our cat brought back an unexpected “present” yesterday – a mole. I’ve no idea where she found it. Although it’s horrifying when your pet brings their kills back to show you, at least you can get a gage on what mammals are around (wood mouse and shrews have also been found on the doorstep). I still wish she wouldn’t, though…


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One thought on “More rain”

  1. Send some of the rain my way. We’re heading into a drought. As for HP, I’m getting a tad bit annoyed at all the marketing. Why wait in line for the book, when there will piles everywhere at discounted prices?

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