It was a bit of a washout wasn’t it? I don’t think anyone really saw those floods coming, at quite the scale that they did. We’ve been lucky where we are, bar power cuts we were largely unaffected. Unfortunately one casualty seems to be our woodpecker, which we haven’t seen since the first load of rain. Hopefully she’s just found a birdfeeder she prefers elsewhere, and nothing untoward happened to her in the deluge.

My “patch” seems to be pretty much unscathed, although the river’s got a lot more detritus in it and some of the softer paths have channels carved in then where the floodwater flowed. A grey tidemark on the vegetation round the banks shows how high the water reached, and it’s amazing everything has settled down as much as it has.

It sounds like Old Moor hasn’t fared quite so well. I was due to volunteer at the “Big Green Birthday” on the 7th July, but the reserve was hit very badly by the floods and events were called off. The floods made the whole reserve one massive lake, and the water even got into some of the tree sparrow nests on poles. It sounds like the damage to breeding birds has been huge, and recent structural improvements to hides, ramps and paths have been destroyed.

The reserve’s open again at the weekend, and I’m hoping things are getting back to normal.


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