Some quick garden spots

In my last house I leapt with glee if as much as a blue tit flew within a mile of the garden. Last night made me realised how good it is to have moved.

Firstly a great spotted woodpecker was busily feeding at next door’s birdfeeders. Hopefully it will start to notice all the tasty peanut feeders I’ve scattered liberally around beyond the height of our cat (hopefully) when she’s able to leave the house.

A mere few minutes later, a jay flew into one of the trees opposite the front window, and stayed there for about half an hour. It was the best view I’ve ever had of a gorgeous bird that you usually only get the briefest flashes of.

Additionally to this, a few days ago I was walking home from the tram stop, and a heron was stood, bold as brass with neck fully extended, on top of a house about five doors down from my own.

Not the rarest of birds by any stretch, but bloody good ones! I’ll bore you senseless with any more garden visitors we get.


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