My new patch!

Well I’ve finally moved. My updating will be a bit sparce this month until we sort the Internet out, but I’ll try and get a few posts done in my lunch hour at work like this one.

The house is great, and living in the Loxley Valley is every bit as good as I thought. I’ve gone from having a garden virtually devoid of birdlife, to one that’s bustling with great, blue and long-tailed tits, chiffchaffs, magpies and jackdaws, and various other visitors. From the front window I’ve spotted herons, mallards and a sparrowhawk in flight, and at night the swifts that reel overhead are replaced by pipistrelles, that flit across the living room window and distract me from what’s on TV.

Almost opposite the house is a footpath that leads to the Loxley Valley’s Easy Going Trail. I’ve done a couple of walks down here since I moved in, including one where I kept going and went all round Damflask, and I’ve already seen over 50 species of bird. Highlights include green and great spotted woodpeckers; willow warblers, garden warblers, chiffchaffs and blackcaps; teal and cormorants on Damflask; a curlew, a tree sparrow, a reed bunting, and a bullfinch. In a two hour walk, you’re by rivers, ponds, reservoirs, farmland, deciduous woods, coniferous woods, and right on the edge of the Peak District.

It’s a shame that the abandoned factories along the Loxley Valley have been bought up by property developers. I’m not totally against housing on brownbelt land, and don’t want to be a NIMBY about these things, but I really do hope that if they’re given the go ahead to build, the properties compliment rather than detract from the wildlife of the valley. Time will tell, I suppose.

I will, of course, be writing loads about this new patch that I’ve suddenly got! I’ve also got to do my BTO bird survey this weekend (sadly on the late side now due to the moving house shenanigans), so will probably have stuff to write about there too.


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