A quick’un

Busy busy busy… today we actually signed the contract on the new house at Loxley (at last!) which means we now only have just over a week to move. I won’t bore everyone with a load of off-topic rantings about rental properties, but it was a lot more faff that it should have been. Expect lots of posts about my new “patch” very soon!

I have to mention quickly a short walk we went on just over a week ago up at the moors at Strines. It’s easy to take the Peak District for granted, and forget how lucky we are to live on the edge of it here in Sheffield. We took a picnic, and spent time watching the Red Grouse, and listening to their bizarre maniacal cackling, while meadow pipits flitted round us. I also saw my first reptile of the year – a common lizard scurrying through the grass.

I probably won’t be posting again til after the move, but I’ll try and write something good after. Promise!


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