Anyone know any houses to rent?

Sorry to waste blogspace on pleas like this… We’ve decided to move, and have handed our notice on our current house. It’s time for a change!

We’re kind of (optimistically) looking in the general Bradfield/Loxley area, two bedrooms, no more than £600pm, and need somewhere before the end of June. We have one small, clean, well behaved cat. If anyone knows of anything going give me a nudge! (you can email me at peterjmella(at)googlemail(dot)com).


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4 thoughts on “Anyone know any houses to rent?”

  1. Last Sunday we noticed a small cottage with a “To Let” sign in Low Bradfield – across the road from the Post Office.I’ve no idea what the rents are like in Bradfield, but I think there are quite a few rented properties there. Have you tried contacting Bradfield Parish Council?

  2. Cheers Roger, we’ve seen that and will probably have a look. Rents seem to be top end of our price range but doable… we’ll probably have to go somewhere pretty small, but I think it will be worth it if we get there!

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