That swan

I’ve solved the mystery of the tame Whooper Swan at Hornsea Mere.

From ‘Where to Watch Birds in Yorkshire’ (Mather, 1998, p58): “The resident pinioned Whooper Swan at Kirkholme Point has a predilection for vehicles and can be a pest, albeit an interesting one.”

According to a reply to a query about the swan on BirdForum, it was a crippled bird, pinioned through injury, that was taken to the mere and got a bit too used to its cushy lifestyle. He can get sulky round breeding time, and sometimes attracts passing Whoopers in the winter months.

If anyone’s got any more information about this swan then please let me know!


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2 thoughts on “That swan”

  1. Pete! We came across your site by accident and it’s lovely :) Grant’s a huge wildlife fan; my most recent blog (see my link!) is about our last walk in the peaks (where we saw skylarks, sheep – of course, rabbits and shetland ponies, amongst others). We sometimes get a sparrowhawk in our garden along with greenfinches, collared doves and the usual common birds, but we had a woodpecker once too! We’l keep checking in anyway, i’ve linked to you….. ;)

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