Why you’ve got to love Dunnocks

The Dunnock is the perrenial “Little Brown Job” that birdwatchers talk about, the drab, brown bird that skulks around the undergrowth, and is more often heard than seen. Even the name “Dunnock” means “small brown bird”. It’s actually quite handsome, but coloured in with a particularly unimaginative pallette. Its song is pretty but not as spectacular as other birds out there. First impressions would suggest that the Dunnock is the Mr Average of Britain’s common birds.

But there are some very interesting secrets that the Dunnock keeps close to its chest. Firstly it’s not like any other British birds, being an accentor. Accentors are usually mountainous species of Europe and Asia, but the Dunnock is one of only a couple that occur in lowland areas, and the only one representative in Britain. Confusion as to its true affinities led one of its most common names, Hedge Sparrow. Nowadays the most “correct” common name for it is supposed to be Hedge Accentor, but its very little used outside official bird lists.

Ok so that’s not the most dramatic secret a creature can have, I admit, but it makes up for this by its remarkable sex life. Truly, the Dunnock is a filthy, filthy bird, by human standards. Their complex sexual relationships include much partner-swapping, and practically every combination you can think of between males with two females, females with two males, and even two or three males sharing a small harem of females. They copulate more than any other small bird recorded, once or twice an hour over a 10-day period, and the male is so speedy to do so as he leaps over a female that it took years for observers to work out what he was actually doing. Courtship largely consists the male pecking at the female’s cloaca until a droplet of sperm from a previous mating pops out. Far from the dance of the Great Crested Grebe, or the display of a Bird of Paradise, isn’t it?

The drab, boring Dunnock getting up to all this is akin to suddenly finding out your perfectly ordinary next-door neighbours are hosting particularly kinky orgies on a Saturday night. Next time you see a Dunnock scrabbling about in a hedge like a little, innocent, feathered mouse, remember that its life is probably a lot more interesting than you would ever imagine…

(Pic from Wikipedia Commons – license here)
Some sources for this post: Birds Britannica, Mark Cocker & Richard Maybe (2005); Wikipedia


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