Missions update!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my birding missions for 2007, although I haven’t had chance to follow them up. Despite this one of them has already been ticked, with the Red Kites I saw over the motorway at Wetherby last week. I will still make a trip to Harewood House or Eccup Reservoir later in the year for a better look, though.

I’ve been given a tip off as to a site in the Peaks where Ravens and Goshawks can probably be ticked off in one go. Before setting out on that trek, I may also hunt fot Crossbills at Langsett reservoir.

And speaking of Crossbills, perhaps Wyming Brook isn’t such a good place for them after all, and a trip round the woods around Ladybower Reservoir would possibly be much more productive.

I still need to go to Potteric Carr and nab a Bittern, and I’d probably better hurry up about it too with the Summer hurtling towards us at breakneck speed.

And yes I will start going out and doing these things rather than just writing about them! Next report – probably Operation Goshawk – coming very soon. Promise.


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