Operation Crossbill – part 1

I thought about calling this blog post Mission Incrossibill, but realised that would have made me look stupid.

Today I took a trip to Wyming Brook to search for Crossbills, which I’d heard lived in the area. Sloshing my way through the sloppy remains of Friday’s snow I scanned the treetops of the conifers for anything that vaguely resembled one, but sadly the search was unsuccessful. Maybe it’ll be wise to try again when there’s less dogwalkers around, and on a day when I’m not keeping my eyes on my own feet to make sure I avoid deep pools of meltwater.

I did, however, see some good close-up views of Goldcrests, Nuthatches and Treecreepers, and it was a good, slushy Sunday afternoon out.

New yearlisters…

36. Meadow Pipit (Lodge Moor) – 37. Treecreeper (Wyming Brook (WB)) – 38. Nuthatch (WB)


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2 thoughts on “Operation Crossbill – part 1”

  1. A tip for locating crossbills is to listen out for their calls. They sound remarkably like house sparrows – a species which you wouldn’t expect to see feeding in conifers!

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