The end of urban birdwatching

Well, I ended my old job this week. While it puts an end to a woefully monotonous working life, it means I no longer spend much of my day staring out of the 7th floor window with a glorious view over the city, across to Meadowhall and beyond.

The birds seen while I’ve been working there haven’t been that numerous in variety, but the one time a peregrine flew past the window made me keep looking (sadly this was never repeated). I also saw a sparrowhawk on two occasions, and a kestrel on one, so it wasn’t a bad position for bird of prey-spotting.

The view did however give me a new found respect for magpies. Not only are they very nice looking birds, which would be something realised more often if they were any rarer, but their acrobatics are quite spectacular. I remember on one occasion watching one just jump off the roof of a building and freefall a full six floors before steering upwards at the last minute like a particularly foolhardy fighter pilot.

Other birds have included large flocks of carrion crows, rooks, and common gulls (I’m pretty sure on this, although my gull identification from below leaves something to be desired!), and the odd mistle thrush and even a skein of geese.

However, my new job is quite close to Weston Park, so maybe that can be a new lunchtime patch…


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