A walk up the canal

You wouldn’t think it was snowing a few days ago would you? Today’s been like a warm day in Spring, and by a great coincidence it was also a day off work (and I had a hangover to walk off…).

I started at Meadowhall, walking up the canal, and ended up at Blackburn Meadows. There were loads of birds out today, including a couple of Green Sandpipers flitting about on the canal, a Grey Wagtail, and some Bullfinches at Blackburn Meadows. The trees at the reserve were full of small birds, including Robins, Goldfinches and more Long-tailed Tits than I’ve ever seen in one place.

Still hoping to catch sight of a Kingfisher on Sheffield’s Waterways, maybe one day…

New yearlisters…

16. Starling (Philadelphia Green Space) – 17. Collared Dove (Langsett Road Tram Stop) – 18. Great Tit (Home) – 19. Pied Wagtail (Valley Centertainment) – 20. Wren (Tinsley Canal (TC)) – 21. Mallard (TC) – 22. Green Sandpiper (TC) – 23. Grey Wagtail (TC) – 24. Lapwing (TC) – 25. Redpoll (Blackburn Meadows (BM)) – 26. Bullfinch (BM) – 27. Dunnock (BM) – 28. Moorhen (BM) – 29. Coot (BM)


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3 thoughts on “A walk up the canal”

  1. It really felt like Spring yesterday, didn’t it?It’s interesting that you saw some green sandpipers on the canal – I’ve never heard of them being seen there before. Good record.A good place to see kingfishers is the River Don at East Coast Road. I also had a good view at Oughtibridge last year.

  2. I used to see kingfishers quite often at the Don at Deepcar, the only other place I’ve ever seen one is on the canal in the town centre of Huddersfield!I’m 90% sure they were green sandpipers, the field guide says “like giant house martins” which is a perfect description of what I saw. They were definitely too big for a dunlin or stint, too much white on the tail for a common sand, and also very dark coloured, rather than the lighter brown of commons or woods.They were at a point roughly halfway between Meadowhall and Blackburn Meadows (perhaps more towards the Meadowhall side), at a point where there’s a bend and a series of buoys seperating off part of the canal.There is a bit in the most recent Birdwatching mag about Green Sandpipers, saying they’re becoming much more frequent at this time of year, as pioneering winter visitors rather than passing migrants.

  3. Hi PeteGreen Sandpiper is pretty regular in winter in the Blackburn Meadows area – most often near the old slurry beds. Kingfisher is also frequently seen in Endcliffe Park (good also for Dipper) but you need to early before the crowds.If you are interested in birds in the Sheffield area, consider joining the Sheffield Bird Study Group (google the name and you’ll get the website). Best way to find out more about where to go and what to see in the local area.CheersMatthew

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