Where did January go?

I can’t believe it’s over a month since I posted here. Christmas came and went, January arrived and now… it’s nearly February. How did that happen?

The truth is I’ve not been out doing anything wildlifey, and not had much to report. I saw a fox trotting along West Bar just after Christmas, the tram pheasants are still there, and I keep seeing Sparrowhawks out of the office windown, but that’s about it.

I do have some rants coming, though, and I may write something about alien big cats in Doncaster. I kid ye not.

In the meantime my birding yearlist has reset, and I’m going to bore everyone with the new one as it happens, at the end of blog posts here. Sorry.

1. Carrion Crow (Philadelphia Green Space (PGS)) – 2. Blue Tit (PGS) – 3. Song Thrush (PGS) – 4. Blackbird (PGS) – 5. House Sparrow (PGS) – 6. Magpie (PGS) – 7. Black-headed Gull (Home) – 8. Robin (Langsett Road Tram Stop (LRTS)) – 9. Woodpigeon (LRTS) – 10. Long-tailed Tit (LRTS) – 11. Pheasant (LRTS) – 12. Sparrowhawk (Work) – 13. Rook (Work) – 14. Common Gull (Work) – 15. Goldfinch (PGS)