My second Peregrine (!)

Okay, this is a bit bizarre…

Last Wednesday, less than I week ago, I spotted my first ever Peregrine at Old Moor, and got rather excited about it. Roger B replied to my post about it with:

It’s worth keeping an eye for peregrines in the built-up parts of Sheffield. I’m told that they are sometimes seen in the Netherthorpe area.

I work in one of Sheffield City Centre’s tall office buildings on the seventh floor, and I’m lucky enough to get a panoramic view of Sheffield from the window, facing out towards Meadowhall and Don Valley. Not many birds to see generally, except for crows, Magpies, Feral Pigeons (of course), and on one occasion a Kestrel.

But today I happened to be staring into space as a bird flew past in the distance. I presumed it was a Carrion Crow at first, but it didn’t fly right, its wingbeats seemed a lot different, and it kept changing direction in a rather uncrow-like way, plus it was lighter coloured.

Remembering what Roger B had posted, I cursed the fact the office wasn’t equipped with binoculars, and then noticed it was zigzagging towards the window. Eventually it was about five feet away, so close I could clearly see its black “moustache” as it flew round the corner of the building.

A crazy, crazy coincidence, but not an unwelcome one! I’ll spend even more of the company’s time staring out of the window from now on, and post any more sightings I have.


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