Anyone know their fungus?

Does anyone know their fungus out there? Loads of this stuff suddenly appeared at the bottom of my garden a few weeks ago, seemingly within the space of a couple of hours. It’s starting to wither a bit now.

A few posts ago I think I painted my garden as a utopia for cats, but totally devoid of wildlife. Aside from this fungus, we do get the odd bits and bobs. A Common Toad set up home at the bottom for a while, and the neighbours have seen a hedgehog on a number of occassions, although I haven’t and that really annoys me.

Birdwise, there’s been a smattering of magpies, blackbirds, robins, woodpigeons, collared doves, house sparrows and blue tits. A very plucky wren took residence at the bottom for a while, but I fear it became a fun-size treat at one point. Ducks, geese, gulls, swifts and swallows have all flown overhead at some point, and feral pigeons can be heard cooing from the rooftops.

Whenever it rains, the lawns on our block suddenly get covered in snails, and if you walk outside in the dark when it’s wet, you just hear a sickening crunching noise under your feet as you squash the poor things.

Insect-wise a few interesting things show up. The tufts of ragwort in the garden housed Cinnabar moth caterpillars during the summer, large ichneumon wasps with their scary yet harmless “stings” in the living room, and recently some weird plume moths which look like letter T’s with legs stuck to the walls in the kitchen.

And the spiders in our house are another matter which I’m sure will one day merit their own post.

There’ll be loads more that I miss, and I itend to start keeping my eyes open a little more close to home. While it’s hardly going to have an SSSI stuck on it, there’s things to find even here.


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