Recycle and be fined!

Oh dear, it seems Swansea Council have potentially put a vast swathe of people off recycling for good. A man – who also happens to be a journalist on the city’s local newspaper – has ended up being fined £200 for allegedly putting a junk mail letter in a recycling bag designed for bottles.

Now I have sympathy, and I’m sure recycling workers are sick to death of opening public recycling bags and finding whatever random rubbish, half-eaten takeaway or bodily fluid people have decided to throw in that week. But for the sake of the effort of removing a letter from a bin of bottles, this is ridiculous. I’m sure several people will now stop recycling for fear of an offending piece of rubbish sneaking in, and Daily Mail types will be snorting indignantly about the state of the country, and frothing about how environmental do-gooders should be lined up and shot.

For the full story check out BBC News


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